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Lawn Care News & Tips From Weed Man Roswell

Lawn Care News & Tips From Weed Man Roswell

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips


As the weather improves and temperatures continue to rise, you’ll soon start feeling the itch to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space. You may be ready to trade in the couch for a soft patch of turf, but is your lawn? In all likelihood, your grass is going to need some major TLC to help it bounce back after months of seasonal stressors.


If you’re ready to put your best foot forward and start Spring off on a high note, then simply click here to read more helpful tips from Weed Man Lawn Care.

Spring Aeration For Your Warm Season Turf


We wanted to remind you it is time for a Core Aeration. Core Aeration is the best prescription for achieving a healthy lawn.


Annually aerating your lawn works wonders for the health and vitality of your yard. Aeration opens up air pockets in your turf that allow fertilizers, water and other sources of plant nutrition to enter the soil and reach the roots of your turf plants…just where it’s needed the most.



Brown Patch on Warm Season Turf


Brown patch disease may be the one thing standing between you and a lush, green lawn. Don't let those unsightly, brown and tan patches get you down. Fight back against turf diseases and reclaim the healthy lawn you deserve - find out how with these tips from Weed Man Lawn Care. 




Winter Dormancy and Other Causes of Discoloration


A discolored lawn can be a depressing (and ugly!) prospect. Whether beige, brown, straw-colored, or a hue that’s in between – if your lawn’s not green, you likely want to know why.  

That’s where Weed Man comes in. To help kick off lawn care season, we’ve taken a look at some of the most common causes of discolored turf and how you can help.




We Are Here to Help! Service Calls & Re-Applications


It’s that time of year again when pesky weeds start popping up in your lawn. If you’re a Weed Man customer and you notice unwanted weeds popping up, please feel free to give us a call. We offer free re-applications upon request and complete on-the-lawn service calls as needed, too! If you ever have a concern with your lawn, we are here to help. Our trained lawn care professionals can quickly identify problems and treat them accordingly. 




Refer a Friend & Save!


At Weed Man, we rely on referrals to grow our business. If you’re one of our many satisfied customers, we’d love for you to spread the word about our wide range of affordable lawn care programs. If you refer a friend or neighbor who signs on for our basic program, we will reward you with savings. It’s that easy!


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