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Customer Testimonials

Weed Man Lawn Care Roswell, GA relies on the success of its customers, which is why we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Read what other Roswell, GA Weed Man customers have to say about their experience with us and our services.

"Great service and results. We have been using them for over 2 years now. When we first started we were having a hard time keeping the weeds out and the grass green. Now our lawn is healthy and without weeds."
~ Newsom

"We started using Weed Man last September for all of our lawn services and I can definitely tell the difference that it has made in the appearance of our yard. Our fescue in the back yard and Bermuda in the front yard has never been greener! They are easy to get a hold of to schedule extra services like aeration and over seeding and maintain a very honest, professional staff. We are definitely happy with choosing Weed Man as our lawn care service provider and highly recommend them!"
~ Brandon D

"I have been with Weed Man for a few years now and my lawn always looked better than my neighbors and they took care of their own lawn but could never get it to look as good as mine. Recently I saw Weed Man signs in their yard, guess they could not stand it any longer! The best thing I like about Weed Man is that they always call and follow up and make sure I am happy and always offer come back out if I need anything at no charge. They have good discount opportunities and are always easy to contact. My lawn always looks healthy and I appreciate their help!"
~ Cindy Williams

"I serviced my own yard with fertilizer/weed killer/lime for years. It looked ok but not as good as some neighbors. Because of health reason I had to hire a service. First I tried brand X that we all see a lot of. They did about as good as I had been doing. No improvement. I stayed with them 1 year. Then in 2013 I switched to Weed Man. These 2 years my lawn has looked the best it has since we have lived here (11 years). I had one issue this year and they took care of the issue (a little nut sedge) quickly. I will soon be starting my 3rd year with Weed Man and my expectations are high."
~ David Massey

"Weed Man Roswell GA has been doing my lawn for about 8 years now and the grass is thick and weed free. Their service is good and pretty responsive."
~ Tom Duke

"I wanted to thank you for hiring people to your team like Cory! He came by yesterday and worked hard to improve my lawn. He stood out... here's why: He knocked on the door and asked the right questions: He asked what I thought about the results we were currently getting? He asked "How' he could support my lawn "goals" better? And he asked if there was anything he wasn't doing that I'd like to see Weedman do? And then he listened... I watched him examine the lawn and then apply the treatment to my lawn. He was focused, patient and disciplined in his approach - all characteristics of a high care level. Let's just say that he did the most important thing a person can do... he built "trust" with me. I wanted to thank you and recommend you use his approach to train all your service techs. They'll build trust, which will build success for you and Weedman." 
~ Wade Ash

"Our lawn is gorgeous thanks to Weedman. They monitor, analyzes and are quick to respond. Very proactive with excellent technical expertise. I have been a customer for over 10 years and they have helped us through numerous issues to keep our lawn healthy and thriving. They are the key to our beautiful zoysia yard."
~ Becky Arrington

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